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Income Tax Preparation

Preparing your income tax return can be a daunting task that can leave you with more questions than answers:

  • Which forms do I need, and where do I get them?
  • Did I do all of the calculations correctly?
  • Am I going to be subject to a penalty?
  • How do I get the refund I deserve?
  • Do I know all of the legitimate deductions?
  • How do I get my refund quickly?
  • How do I know the IRS received the return and is processing it?
  • What about the state tax return?
  • Am I a full-year resident, a part-year resident, or a nonresident? What if I moved during the year?

This list of questions can go on and on, but you’re probably getting the idea. You need expert help. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® offices provide one of the most comprehensive computerized tax preparation services in the industry.

Our return preparation process is designed to ensure accuracy with every step. During your tax interview, your tax preparer uses the ProFiler® software, which contains built-in error-checking and diagnostics. Depending on how you choose to receive your refund, our software communicates with our funding banks for advance approval while you are still in our tax office. Your return is analyzed as it is transmitted to our Corporate Headquarters where it is error-checked again. Then, your return is electronically filed with the IRS and the appropriate state Department of Revenue, if applicable. We receive acknowledgements from these tax authorities, so that we can be assured of providing your refund in the time frame that you have chosen.

This proven tax preparation flow and system of error-checking assures you of the fastest and most accurate processing possible.

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Assisted Direct Deposit

With ADD, Jackson Hewitt® customers may choose to have their refunds (less tax preparation and other related fees) deposited directly into their personal bank accounts. The refund balance is available in approximately 13 to 21 days.

Jackson Hewitt also offers a refund option for state income tax refunds. Like the ADD for federal income tax refunds, the state income tax refund is made available through direct deposit into the customer’s personal bank account.

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IRS Direct

Some of our customers are not in a hurry to receive their refunds. These customers are more likely to choose one of the IRS Direct options, or they may wish to pay for tax preparation services at the point of sale. Those who select the IRS Direct option can receive their refunds directly from the IRS; and, when they use direct deposit, they can have their refunds deposited into their personal bank accounts within 11 to 17 days. They can also choose to have their refunds mailed to them directly by the IRS within 18 to 21 days when they file electronically.

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Balance Due Payment Option

Jackson Hewitt® customers can pay their tax obligation conveniently with their VISA® , American Express® , Discover® card, MasterCard® , or PIN-less debit card. The Balance-Due Payment Option provides customers with the flexibility to pay their remaining balance over time, as well as the security of knowing their payment was made on time.

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Basic Guarantee

If a Jackson Hewitt® preparer makes an error while providing tax preparation services to a client, the company will reimburse the customer for any penalty or interest incurred as a result of the error. In addition, a representative from that Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® office will appear, at no charge, with the customer at an audit to explain how the return was prepared. This is one more way our customers Get more in return® from Jackson Hewitt Tax Service!

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Gold Guarantee

Gold Guarantee In addition to our Basic Guarantee, Jackson Hewitt® offers an expanded plan called Gold Guarantee® . This program surpasses most marketplace competition by offering error-protection coverage of up to a cumulative total of $5,000 against possible additional tax liability for three years. The Gold Guarantee covers federal, state, and local tax returns in most states.

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Free Audit Assist

Jackson Hewitt® provides free audit assistance to customers who receive an audit notice from the IRS. In fact, our offices provide free tax advice and audit assistance year-round, regardless of the Jackson Hewitt location in which the taxpayer’s return was prepared.

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